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There’s an ugly property dispute going on within the Fairchild family. Both of the combatants make compelling arguments. As the heads of the household, Jif and I are called upon to render a decision, but we are stymied.


Some weeks back, we took delivery of one black metal baby gate, all the better to contain Riggins with. It has served its purpose well. He stays mostly in the family room. Said family room was added on to the house at some point, and was once a garage. As such, it sits on a concrete slab, and is not particularly well insulated, and frankly, gets cold as Mars. It is difficult to keep the family room warm, especially with no fire in the fireplace. Thus, the stage is set for the appearance of The Toasty House.

LG performed the very valuable service of installing the baby gate, in the space between family room and kitchen. However, when she did so, she did not perform what would also have been a valuable service — that of properly disposing of the cardboard box from which the gate emerged. What she did do with said box, is to slide it under the breakfast bar in the family room, and lean it against the wall — where it remained for far too long. Where it remained, in fact, until Riggins disappeared one day, and we discovered that he had taken up residence in the lean-to structure that was formed by the box leaning against the wall under the breakfast bar. He seemed so fond of this newly claimed spot, that we did not immediately move to take the box away, thereby dismantling the lean-to.

In the meantime, the family room grew colder. Being a person of considerable investigative talents, I investigated. Could there be a connection between the dropping temperature in the room, and the newly claimed lean-to, where Riggins resided? Indeed, there was. There is a heating vent that comes out under the breakfast bar, where the gate box leans. The heat from that vent is captured between wall and box, and makes the lean-to one of the toastiest places in our home. Hence its name, “The Toasty House.” The answer to the question, “Where’s Riggins?” is more often than not, “in the toasty house.” Once we became aware of his love for this home within a home, we did not have the heart to recycle the box as we originally should have.

Riggins chillin' in the toasty house

Over the weekend, the temperatures dropped here. LG began to ponder the possibilities of the toasty house. One thing led to another, and she crawled in, to experience first hand its warm delights. She didn’t want to leave. Riggins was highly offended, but eventually burrowed in with her. This leads to our current stalemate.

LG tries out the toasty house

LG says that she is the builder, and indeed, the architect and designer of the toasty house, and as such, she should have clear deed to it. Riggins argues (we think) that if not for him, no one would ever have discovered that a discarded box against a wall is in fact, a toasty house. The “toasty” part, which is, in fact, what keeps the house from simply being more trash in the family room, was his discovery. They have reached a stalemate, but each has agreed to abide by the decision of the internet.

So I ask you, who has rightful claim to the toasty house?


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Looks like we’ve done it again. Gotten ourselves a VBD. He’s cute. And so he remains alive. But he’s trouble. He might even be troubled.

We recently had a Girl Scout sleepover. He fell deeply in love with one of the scouts:

He must be supervised at all times. He’s a one-man wrecking crew. Things got a little bit easier when we built a jail for him:

We continue to try to educate ourselves on puppy training. I guess he’s trying, too:

My cousin said in this picture, he's saying, "Ummm...NOPE. That's not really going to work on me." I think she might be right.

Seriously, he’s nearly doubled in size. He’s still quite the handsome boy. But we are having some issues. No matter what we try, from which book, he continues to snap at us. I think he’s still playing — there’s tail-wagging involved. But he’s actually drawn blood from two of us. We’ve never had a puppy that was this tough to teach about “no biting!” Still hopeful we’ll get this worked out, and then all will be well. Have a couple of leads on very good “behaviorists.” Most people don’t want to start training puppies until 18 weeks, but I think we can arrange private consultation in the near future.

Our vet doesn’t think he’s a beagle/shepherd, as the first vet thought. She thinks he ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog. Another opined that he is a Rottweiler. I reckon time will tell. (If he is a Rotty, we REALLY want to nip that biting thing in the bud!)

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So we get in the car to return books to the library, and I had to make LG go back in the house and get my camera. Because we have these books . . .

. . . which we had hoped would help us teach this little monster pup to behave properly. And then we are also returning THIS book . . .

. . . which pretty much demonstrates the uselessness of the others.

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