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This will be an encore Sunday Post, from July, 2007. I learned yesterday, from Lois Lane, that Old Hoss (Gene Maudlin) passed away. I went looking here for times that I’d linked to him, and I thought this one would be as fitting a tribute as I could find. Rest any way you choose, Hoss:


“You can’t have a light without a dark to stick it in.” –Arlo Guthrie

John 12:46

Oh, and I just remembered something I wanted to share with you. This past week, as I was out visiting, I came across Old Hoss, making perfect sense (I know; I couldn’t believe it either!). Worth reading.


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Whereas, having been born on the day of the feast of the Epiphany, and whereas, “epiphany” is a very cool word to say, and inasmuch as I have, throughout my adult life, allowed myself a second chance at “New Year’s Day,” for purposes of resolution do-overs and the like, by proclaiming January 6th the REAL first day of the new year, and

Whereas, this year of our Lord 2009 has, more than any other in recent memory, gotten off to a particularly sucky start for myself and numerous friends, both online and off (as well as for various public figures); and having obtained endorsement of such a proposition by numerous, notable online friends, I do hereby propose (and decree, and maintain, and . . . PROCLAIM, yea that’s what I was going for, a PROCLAMATION)

that the New Year of 2009 shall, for all intensive purposes* begin on THIS day, January 6th.

Happy Birthday to me (and August95, and Shari’s husband, and I hope William’s baby but I can’t promise anything there THEY DID IT! THEY DELIVERED — AND BY THEY, I TOTALLY MEAN LAUREN — BABY JACKSON GREY ON MY BIRTHDAY! AND HIS, OF COURSE. WOOFREAKINHOO!!!!) and

Happy New Year to you!

*Today is the only day on which this phrase may be used; all other days, one must say, “for all intents and purposes.” Today is also the day that any and all other malapropisms (and/or “eggcorns”) will be most welcome here. After today, however, we must nick them in the butt.

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Taking a break from the political posts I’ve been trying to write — I know that is a disappointment to you, since there aren’t nearly enough bloggers writing about politics these days — to ask a favor.

Just this morning I stumbled onto the information that this week, all members of Congress have been invited to a briefing on the current state of Lyme Disease diagnosis and treatment. And a sorry state it is, my friends. Will you please join me in asking your representatives — and Obama and McCain — to attend this briefing or send a high-level staff member? You know how sick I’ve been, and there are thousands (at least) more like me. We need someone to pay attention.

If you go here, you’ll find more information about the briefing and a direct link from which you can email your Congresspeople. Hurry up, now, because it’s on September 24th.

Thank you so very much.

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For a Friend

Please send William and his wonderful family lots and lots of love. William’s dad has died. If you skim back through recent posts at his place, you’ll see that Lauren’s father, William’s FIL, also died, just a couple of weeks ago. Keep William, Lauren, and their whole huge family in your prayers, and let him know. I’m sure it helps. Thanks.

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Jif and LG went here, this past weekend. I wish I had been well enough to do that with them. I would say I’ll do it next year, but not if it falls on the same weekend as this, because next year, I am so there. Anyone wanna join me?

I also want to share with you two grand new babies, his and hers. Plus, an old baby, as babies go, but a baby upon whose face I can never, ever look without smiling.

And then you absolutely must see kranki’s baby. Buy the calendar! What a perfect gift for people who love cats! Or costumes. Or knowing what the hell day it is.

And lastly, I’ll share this again, from posts past, because every year at this time, the searchers, they find me, because they’re all out looking for this:

You don’t so much “make” these as “assemble” them, and when you do, adults and children alike will think you are oh-so-clever:

Take Keebler Fudge Stripe Cookies, Hershey’s Kisses and orange frosting from a tube or aerosol can. Simply smear frosting on the bottom of the Kiss to “glue” it on the cookie (an excellent job for little helpers), then press it on the chocolate side of the cookie. Next, using one of the fancy plastic tips you get with the frosting, wrap an orange frosting ribbon around the kiss, and “draw” a bow. After a few practices, you’ll be “tying” frosting bows like a pro. Enjoy 🙂


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While wandering the winding roads of blogworld the other day, I discovered that I had been nominated for a major award (that’s really the only kind of award with which I ever want to be associated). And like all my other major awards, it was not voted on (I can’t actually get that kind), but was just handed to me by a far-too-generous blogfriend. In this case, the friend was the wonderful, thoughtful Julie, and the award was the Thinking Blogger Award. Now, of all the major awards that I do not deserve, I think that’s the one I most do not deserve. I am honored and truly humbled. I have seen that award on others’ sites. I mean the sites of some people who actually do some honest-to-goodness thinking. Truth be told, this blog is usually the place I come specifically to not think. I suppose every now and then, a thought creeps in, but for the most part, this here is pretty much a thought-free zone. Still, I am proud to have been designated as such, and I thank the lovely and talented Circus Kelli for adding the award to my little trophy case over there.

Part of the Thinking Blogger Award is the passing of the torch. Having been identified as a thinker, I should now, according to the Thinking Blogger rules, identify 5 other Thinking Bloggers. Holy cow, that’s hard for me to do! My first thought, and what I said to Jif, was something like, “The bloggers I read don’t think! They’re goofy, like me. I run like hell from the scene of a blog where there’s any thinking going on! I think enough IRL, I don’t need to think online . . . yadda yadda.” But then when I quieted down and looked at my linky list, truth is, almost all of y’all think sometimes. So then the problem became not thinking of a thinking blogger, but narrowing down the thinkers. First thing was, I didn’t want to nominate (adoptive blog) “family,” because of the nepotism thing. Secondly, I didn’t want to nominate people that everyone already knows all about and reads all the time anyway. Thirdly, I didn’t want to nominate someone I do like to read, but really don’t know at all — there are a few of those. And lastly, I wanted to offer you all some variety. All of these people show signs of thinking when they blog. I would also say that my thoughts and theirs are not always in agreement, necessarily. So after much thought — well, I’ll be darned, I AM a thinking blogger — I hereby nominate these thinker/bloggers:

Sometimes Saintly Nick. Especially in recent months, Nick has written about peace, justice, spirituality, poverty, human rights, war. The man has been doing some thinking. Good on you, Nick.

Traci. Traci has written a series, and she’s not done yet, that chronicles her personal experience with having been manipulated and mistreated over a period of years, in the name of a religious organization, which claimed to be acting in the name of God. Few things piss me off more than people enslaving others in the name of God. Traci’s readers of that series are thoroughly hooked, and waiting for the next installment.

OddMix. This guy . . . he makes it look like he doesn’t think all that much, but I suspect he secretly has put an awful lot of thought and preparation into what he writes about, which is his life. His double life, if you will. He takes the train to a button-down job during the week, but on his own time, he lives on a farm where they raise goats, and rabbits, and horses, and children, and yellow buttercups. And his readers want to live there with him and the rest of the critters. Hey, OddMix, ever thinking of raising a herd of bloggers?

HTGT. OK, I am sending you to see HTGT, in the fervent hope that girlfriend has posted something since the last thing I saw there, which was on the topic of (come closer, I’ll whisper) masturbation. Ordinarily, HTGT shares thoughtful thinking kinds of things, into which she has clearly put some thought. But seriously, the afore-mentioned topic doesn’t require a lot of thought (or else you’re doing it wrong). (Ohplease, ohplease have something else up before I send people to read you.)

Damn, this is tough. I have three more people in mind who can think circles around me any day of the week. OK, I’m gonna go with this one, even though her blog design doesn’t lend itself to posting the major award:

Wave of Modulation. Mylord, this woman can think. Often, when I read what Sheryl has written, I humbly, reverently “walk” away, unable to comment, because her thoughts are so far out of my league, that my thoughts hang their heads, pick their noses and maybe even wet themselves a little. Her thoughts pants my thoughts at a birthday party. But no, they wouldn’t do that, because they’re too compassionate to do that. Still, they could.

Well, there’s 5. I am proud to be able to share these folks with you, if you don’t know them. And I am left here thinking that despite my initial reaction, I could easily come up with another 5 thinking bloggers, now that I’ve thought about it. Thank you all, you five, and all you others, for sharing your thoughts, and inspiring many of mine.

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Out to dinner to celebrate Mother’s Day, we decided to splurge, calorically, and take a look at the tempting dessert tray.

The waitress tells us the name of each confection, “white mousse pyramid, strawberry cheesecake, chocolate-chocolate cake, baklava, pecan tart, chocolate chip Bavarian . . . “

LG had been waiting for her to identify that one. “That’s it! I’ll have the chocolate chip ovarian, please.”

Do me a favor, go see my good friend, Kranki, and do just what she tells you. Thanks! 🙂

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