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Looks like we’ve done it again. Gotten ourselves a VBD. He’s cute. And so he remains alive. But he’s trouble. He might even be troubled.

We recently had a Girl Scout sleepover. He fell deeply in love with one of the scouts:

He must be supervised at all times. He’s a one-man wrecking crew. Things got a little bit easier when we built a jail for him:

We continue to try to educate ourselves on puppy training. I guess he’s trying, too:

My cousin said in this picture, he's saying, "Ummm...NOPE. That's not really going to work on me." I think she might be right.

Seriously, he’s nearly doubled in size. He’s still quite the handsome boy. But we are having some issues. No matter what we try, from which book, he continues to snap at us. I think he’s still playing — there’s tail-wagging involved. But he’s actually drawn blood from two of us. We’ve never had a puppy that was this tough to teach about “no biting!” Still hopeful we’ll get this worked out, and then all will be well. Have a couple of leads on very good “behaviorists.” Most people don’t want to start training puppies until 18 weeks, but I think we can arrange private consultation in the near future.

Our vet doesn’t think he’s a beagle/shepherd, as the first vet thought. She thinks he ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog. Another opined that he is a Rottweiler. I reckon time will tell. (If he is a Rotty, we REALLY want to nip that biting thing in the bud!)


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So we get in the car to return books to the library, and I had to make LG go back in the house and get my camera. Because we have these books . . .

. . . which we had hoped would help us teach this little monster pup to behave properly. And then we are also returning THIS book . . .

. . . which pretty much demonstrates the uselessness of the others.

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Me (looking out the window): Hey, LG, there are three cute boys walking down the road . . . and one rolling down the road …

LG scrambles to the window, which I find interesting because she’s shown very little interest in boys to date.

LG (looking disappointed): Mom! He’s on a skateboard. I thought you meant he was rolling, like actually on the ground rolling down the road while the other three walked. Now THAT would have been worth leaving my computer for.

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