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A New Sheriff in Town

I’ve been thinking of you — you being whoever is still checking in here from time to time. Thanks for the encouragement to come back. There’s some news to share:

Last Friday, we did it. We adopted a new puppy. On Saturday morning, I would have posted about how sweet and delightful he was. This morning, it’s more like “I’m too old for this shit.” (Yea, seriously, the shit.) But he is sweet, and mostly delightful and he makes us laugh a lot, which is welcome and needed.

His name is Riggins, after the character Tim Riggins, on Friday Night Lights. The TV Riggins is an irresistible rascal. He’s also a drunken, promiscuous s.o.b. We’re hoping to avoid that part, with our Riggins. Rigmarole; Piggins; Riglet the Piglet. He has brought some joy. Not that we were joyless, but we were operating at somewhat of a deficit, for a little while now.

Puppies are a blessing.

(Would you believe I’ve forgotten how to post photos, or else WordPress has changed the process? So, yea, that’s him in the header, and I’ll post more soon.)


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