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Airplane there, smooooth….bus ride from airport to resort was hi-larious . . . driver had some flavor of an accent I could not identify . . . she stood at the front of the bus and called out, “OK, how many ol’ jews ah going to thee Shree-bear-sigh?” . . . crickets . . . “SHREE-BEAR-SIGH! SHREE-BEAR-SIGH!” . . . could she be saying, “Riverside?” . . . slowly, tentatively, the Riverside-bound among us put up our hands, glancing around . . . then she called out “And how many ol’ jews ah going to thee Bitch Club?!” … that one was a little easier, the Beach Club-bound raised their hands, giggling . . . and later when she pulled in to the parking lots, she too-enthusiastically shouted out a welcome: “HWELCON TO THEE BITCH CLUB!” heehee, so everytime someone behaved irritably the rest of the week, I thought “HWELCON TO THEE BITCH CLUB!” . . .room not as expected; more motel than hotel, but we’ll deal…weather nice, 60s-70s, not sun-bathing weather but great for walking around parks … omg, I could LIVE on SOARIN’ ride . . . FastPass is the way to go, and with a BIRTHDAY FastPass, there was NO WAIT AT ALL in any line on LG’s actual b’day . . . WTF was not much of a factor at all, the first 4 days . . . the last 3 were a struggle, pain, tears, etc. . . very thankful for 4 good days — even better than I’d hoped . . . meal plan totally confused me; at one point (Wednesday), I thought we couldn’t eat again until Saturday . . . but we could, and did . . . loved Artist Point, Hollywood Brown Derby, Coral Reef and Sci-Fi Theatre restaurants . . . restaurants where I’d made reservations and mentioned LG’s b’day gave her cards signed by staff or even printed birthday wishes on a special menu for us! . . . Magic Kingdom my least favorite park (I know, it’s unAmerican to say that), and the other three are all my favorite . . . parades were great, and I don’t like parades . . . discovered I like to be stirred, not shaken, on rides . . . liked Space Mountain better 30 years ago . . . I was the only one to get wet on the Kali River Rapids ride, and I loved it . . . no, I did not do Expedition Everest (didn’t want to), but Jif and LG did . . . didn’t do Tower of Terror (they did, I wanted to, but WTF wouldn’t permit that day) . . . we got to ride almost everything we wanted to, and never waited more than 25 minutes . . . if this is the “slow” time of year there, I NEVER want to go at the busy time; it was plenty crowded for me . . . LG met Prince Caspian who thought we were the Royal Family of Baltimore (possibly because I told him we were) . . . she was mortified/horrified . . . her BFF’s family coincidentally was also on vacay there at the end of the week, so they met up a couple of times . . . the Lion King show was fantastic . . . got Jif singing “Hakuna Matata” all the time, which annoyed and embarrassed LG no end . . . among my favorite parts of the trip — and truly, my favorite parts of any ordinary day — were the meaningful interactions with strangers: like the lady from Texas, via New Orleans, who explained to me about the whole Disney Pin trading phenomenon, and then asked, “Hey, do you know anyone named Laura?” and as a matter of fact, I know a very dear young lady named Laura, so the kind stranger gave me a Disney pin with “Laura” on it to give to her; she had seen it in a thrift store and bought it in the hope that she’d meet someone with a Laura; and the very large man on the even larger mechanized scooter, who couldn’t fit into the store aisle where the OTC meds were, and politely asked me if I could find him some motion sickness pills . . . at first I said they had none, but then I found them! and he was very thankful and so was I . . . great 13th b’day trip . . . plane home among the bumpiest ever for both Jif and me, but we’re here . . . I did seem to bring back the Mouse Flu — hit me the next day, still with chills, fever, aches, etc. . . and I am SO thankful to have it after I got home and not while we were there . . . all good.


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