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Pardon my silly title. I was just remembering back when I told you all I’d call it good as long as I could still wipe my own butt. I still can. And then some.

Thank you for checking on me, and for your continuing prayers. I thought it was time to just check in and say I’m OK. I’m no worse, certainly. And I think (dare I say it?) I’m a bit better. My legs, although they still feel crazy, they work quite well. No falling down for a while, now. My arms remain the same — twitchy, weak, crampy, and my throat/tongue remain . . . maybe not quite the same. A little bit better. The new symptom that has emerged over the past month is tinnitus: ringing in my ears. Actually, it sounds like that high-pitched, TV test pattern tone. Remember that? I have it all the time. Some times are louder than others. I really miss silence. I like silence. It was my good friend, sometimes. I’m told once one has tinnitus, it usually stays for life. I’m not thinking too much about that. As I’ve said before, I don’t seem to do any disorder in typical fashion, so why should I expect to do that one typically?

I am not seeing any doctors now. I’ve had enough. I won’t be stubborn or unreasonable; if I hear of someone who sounds like just the right one, I’ll try to get an appointment. But the relentless, full-time pursuit of the doc who will understand and explain all this . . . not doing that any more. When my arms are happier, I have a bit more to say on why that is so. But for now, just know that it is.

With the energy I can muster, and the cooperation I can coax from my various parts, I am now trying to attend to the things over which I have some control — my intellectual and spiritual life, my relationships, long-neglected home stuff, getting my health (aside from WTF) in as good a condition as I can. Blogging still has to be on hold. However, I recently started posting on Twitter.com (much more frequently than I expected I would!), so come and see me, and sign up. I recently told someone I think Twitter has become the methadone for my blogging addiction.

Be well. I still think I’ll be back here. Just don’t know when. Bless your hearts, and I truly mean that.


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