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I delayed saying this for as long as was reasonable. I kept thinking every day, things would turn around. Not happening. At least not yet. My arms are very uncooperative. It’s frustrating. And depressing. And frightening. And still unexplained. I have exhausted the supply of docs that it has seemed at all sensible to consult. And no one knows what is wrong, or what to do about it. So . . . I have no medical plan. I keep praying. I go to acupuncture when I can. I don’t know anything else to do.

Except that I need to close this place for now. That’s hard for me to do, because I have enjoyed writing and reading, and getting to know you all, very, very much. It is sad for me to leave here, because it is one more thing that is slipping away from me. On the other hand, it’s one more thing that’s on my want-to-do-but-can’t list, and that adds to my distress on some level. If I just board the place up until further notice, I think that will be easier.

Visiting, commenting, emailing, it all takes hand and arm strength and agility — you never thought about that, did you? Give thanks right this minute for the way your nerves and muscles and brain all work together so that you can be doing what you’re doing; it is truly a miraculous thing — that is in precious short supply. So with that supply, I need to do as much work work and home work and especially funstuff with my daughter, as I can.

Happy Easter to you all. And “thank you” doesn’t even come close to covering how much it has meant to me, to share this online time with you, these past three years. I pray God’s best for each of you. XOXOX and COCOCO (you know who you are).


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from album2

years ago today. Just babies. Really, so young they shouldn’t have even let us hold that sharp cake-cutter thing.

Marriage is a journey. We’re now passing through the “in sickness and in health” part. And we’re still here.

Thank you, truly, for all the prayers and well-wishes. My arms are better than they were, but their daily capabilities remain limited, and I am hoarding what energy they have for home stuff and family stuff and the occasional comment here and there. I’ll be around, when I can.

Marriage advice: Marry the best person you know, and spend your life trying to be the best person they know. I think that will work.

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“What Was I Thinking?” is three today. I had more to say about that, but my arms and hands won’t get with the program. I’ll be back when they like me more.

Thank you kindly for coming around.

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