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Once again, it’s time for a look in the rearview mirror. I thought 2007 would be the year I finished with WTF Disease. It wasn’t. I continue to hope and pray that 2008 will be. This wasn’t a great year here on the blog, but it was a little better than the one before, because once I accepted that WTF was going to hang around, I learned to sidestep it more often, and do some of the things I wanted to do. Like blog.

The wildest time had here was definitely when we threw Bucky the Househotting. OK, I said Bucky and Househotting. I don’t think more explanation is required.

In skimming the archives, I found a couple of posts that adequately answer the question, “Is she really that strange?” The first one makes me sing Janet Jackson’s old “Rhythm Nation,” except I change it to “Urine Nation.” And the other, well . . . it’s a good thing my therapist is right next door.

As I said, WTF continues. The description of it here remains accurate, with one change. I have scheduled an appointment at one of those centers. It’s at the University of Maryland instead of Hopkins, though. It’s in February.

Sometimes when I write a really silly or irreverent post, the little Southern Baptist girl (with a strict daddy) in me says something like, “What if those are the last words you ever write?! Is that what you want your legacy to be?” And that sort of thing. And I guess if I were suddenly (or otherwise) unable to post again, what I would really want to leave you with are these two posts.

And finally, the experience that made me laugh the most, that I tried to share with you, was when LG and I tried to rename her basketball team, and then you all helped.

As has always been the case here, any post is mightily enhanced, if not upstaged, by your thoughtful, profound, and/or hilarious comments. I read them sometimes to lift me up. Thank you for that.

And thank you for making a really tough year, considerably less tough, with your visits and with what you’ve written on your own sites. I wish you love, peace, health, success, faith, clarity, and every good thing in the New Year.


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