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I’ve been thinking again. Here’s a sneak peek inside my head. It ain’t always pretty. But keep in mind, you’re just visiting, and I have to live in here!:

  • I don’t often (have I ever? not certain) espouse a political position here. Indeed, at least half of you might be surprised to learn of my political affiliation and my voting record. I cast my votes “per person,” not per party. As I’ve said to a friend, no political party would touch me with a ten-foot pole if I were to speak freely about my various beliefs, values, positions, and the like. I don’t fit in anywhere. But government is interesting and important to me. So I am looking as thoroughly as I’m able, at all major candidates in all major parties.

    In the last presidential election, someone accused me of voting for the person that I’d most like to have dinner with. That is, voting for the personality of the candidate. Since I had reservations about all the candidates’ political ideologies, I can’t really deny the charge. I am more likely to vote for people that I like, or imagine that I would like. There is one major candidate (I won’t say the name) for whom I will not be casting a vote. And yes, it’s not because of policy, it’s because of personality. I know people who have worked for this person. And those people have been cursed, screamed at and verbally abused, routinely, by this person. No votes for you! Then there’s another candidate, whom I thought was very promising, but when I went to the candidate’s website to read about policies, positions, ideas, I found a movement underway to write mean letters to a government official. It wasn’t a petition to get rid of that person; it was after the person had already resigned and packed up. The invitation was to write a “good-bye and good riddance” type of message. At first, I thought, well, I won’t hold it against the candidate, this must be a fansite, and not the official website. But no, it was the official website. I’m sick to death of public nastiness and incivility. From my perspective, a candidate loses respect, credibility, and certainly, any chance at my vote, when he or she chooses to go there. You can be happy about someone leaving without encouraging people to write hateful letters to them. I hope, wish, pray, we can do better than that.

  • I don’t know how to put the “rat’s ass” on this sidebar. I will one day. But it still makes me smile when I see it out there in blogworld somewhere. That’s one of those things that’s hard to explain to those unfamiliar with blogging: “And it is the sweetest, dearest thing; they put little rat asses on their websites, for me (*sniff*) . . . ” But you guys know. xxx
  • Oh, that reminds me. See those three Xs above? They’re hugs. I’ve been putting Xs on here for hugs for a couple of years now. But then someone told me they’re not hugs, they’re kisses. And I was all, “Well, cheez, it’s no wonder I’ve contracted WTF disease if I’m kissing strangers all over the place!” But really, an X represents the arms, crossing around you for a hug. An O represents puckered lips for a kiss. This makes perfect sense to me, and these are the symbols I’ve used ever since . . . 5th grade. Then after that someone called me out on it, I went looking on the innernets as a hole, and it seems that while I am not alone in my usage of the Xs and Os, I am in the minority. Like, 12% see it my way and 88% see it her way. Craziness. I defy you to make an X with your lips (although she did send me a photograph depicting such perversion), AND, if you make a circle with your arms, well wtf kind of hug is that? That’s a ballet position, not a hug. Won’t you cross over to my side?
  • Oh, and while we’re kissing and hugging (vice versa, or not), which internet dating service are you going to use? I’m not going to use one, of course, being all married and whatnot. But I see these TV commercials. The one that says they will accept you as you are, and criticizes that other one that rejects 9 million people a year, or something like that. But if I were going to choose one of those two, I’d try the one that turns some people down, rather than the one that accepts absolutely everydamnbody. Wouldn’t you?
  • Why is it that whenever someone gets emotional, cries, on TV, the reporters and such say that the person “broke down”? The person didn’t suddenly sputter to a halt. Didn’t have steam coming from the hood. No one called Triple-A. A person breaking down . . . maybe a stroke or a heart-attack would be a human “break-down,” but crying? I don’t think so.
  • Wind chimes. I have always wanted some. I was thinking of putting them on my Christmas wish list. I especially like the ones that purport to play a song — Amazing Grace, specifically. I realize it probably doesn’t really play the song, but supposedly, the chimes are in the notes of the song and perhaps by some wind miracle they could align from time to time for a verse or two. But I hesitate. I worry about other people. Do wind chimes bug neighbors? When we have lived near people with them, I have always found them pleasant. But I don’t know if everyone would. Where do you stand on neighbors with wind chimes?
  • Just today, I read the horrific story of two separate incidents of “armed gunmen” (don’t get me started) shooting up the congregants in places of worship in Colorado. Terrible, right? But somehow, the most disturbing line of the article I read was, “The gunman was killed by a member of the church’s armed security staff before police arrived.” Since when do churches have armed security staff? Is this something Jif should bring up at the session meeting tonight? Lord, have mercy.

That’s enough thinking for me, for now. So what have you been thinking?


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