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LG and I sometimes enjoy watching “What Not to Wear.” Last weekend we watched as Stacy and Clinton busted some fashion-challenged woman on her “hoochie mama” wardrobe. Stacy would pick up an item, pronounce it “hoochie,” and then drop it into the show’s signature metal trash can.

I took up the charge, beating Stacy to the punch with my repeated judgments of “hoochie,” “hoochie,” “hoochie…”

LG observed for a couple of minutes and then said, “Mom? I don’t get what they mean. I thought ‘hoochie’ was a good thing.”

Ohlord, where did I go wrong with this girl? “Good? Oh, no. Um . . . ‘hoochie’ means you look cheap, or trashy . . . not very classy, not appropriate for your age or where you’re going . . . ”

“But what about the purses?” she asks.

“The purses?” I don’t recall seeing any purses on the show.

“Yea. I thought that was a good thing. Like, a lot of people wish they could have a hoochie purse.”

Blink. Blink. “GUCCI! You’re thinking of a Gucci purse!”

“Oh. Goochie, hoochie, whatever.”

I know a lot of y’all are waiting with baited (I know, that’s the fishy one, but that’s the one I choose to use) breath to see what happened . . .

Thus began the original version of this post, which referred to a prior post. But then, on the advice of my smarter sister, who is also my severely underpaid attorney for all matters blog-related, I have taken away the brilliance that was those last two posts. I had a certain discomfort level with the posting, so just hearing from my trusted friend that they weren’t the safest, wisest things to do, was enough to send my fingers to the “delete” button. No real names or links were used, but still . . . that’s a pretty specific situation, and that goes beyond what I would normally say about that area of my life.

Sigh. Oh, well. I’m sure it won’t be long until the next, “Can’t Make This Stuff Up” entry.

(Oh, and I also mutilated edited or deleted your comments and my replies in ways that now make very, very little sense. Which is tragic, because you know I’m all about the sensible here 🙂 Please forgive my distortion of your words.)


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