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I want to try to make this short and boring, rather than long and boring. Unnecessary sentences like this one and the one preceding it won’t help much with that intention, will they? Nor will rhetorical questions like that one.

OK. I saw the endocrine doc on Wednesday. This was veeeeeery interesting, because even though I had been taking 50,000 IUs of Vitamin D per week for 6 weeks, in addition to supplementation for the previous 5 months, my D level had not come up at all. In fact, it had gone down slightly. Weird. She is doing some research and ordering more tests. I picked up an orange gallon jug today in which I will pee for 24 hours, for her. You might not have needed to know that. But if I fill it up, I will be unable to resist sharing that with you. There might be photos.

So then, the New Rollogist that moved me from Passover to Good Friday, called up on no-name Wednesday, to move me again, to Holy Thursday. So I saw him yesterday. Overall, that visit was encouraging and frustrating at the same time. There were some tears. It was kinda rough on me, too. I told him the symptoms that had appeared since I last saw him — rather violent muscle twitching, aspirating liquids, pain in arms, in addition to all the previous symptoms. He says that he does not know what is wrong with me, but that he believes it is not ALF. He says that although the symptoms are consistent with ALF, he has seen me for some 8 months now, and he believes if it were ALF, I would be more disabled than I am. (And truly, I am not disabled. Some things are difficult for me, but I can do them. Everything I really need to do, I manage to do.) Still, he wants me to have the EMG, and I have agreed to do that. Next week. Friday the thirteenth. I’m brave like that.

I had compiled a list of “ALF mimic” disorders that I took in, and went through with him. Most of them, he has tested me for. Some, e.g., Lyme disease, he agreed to test again. Those of you who wrote to me about the various kinds of myositis, he’s testing for those again, too. I told him my metal poisoning theories. I think he rolled his eyes. I told him I know he doesn’t believe me, but would he please humor me and order the tests. He said that he likes to humor me, so he will. I don’t dislike the man. I’m not sure why that is, but I don’t. Then I told him about the Vitamin D mystery, and asked him if that could be related to any of the things we were talking about. He said he didn’t know how a D deficiency could do to me what’s happening. Then he went into a barrage of Dr. Philisms, most of which went in one ear and out the other. I do remember one, though, “The same dog can have both ticks and fleas.” This means that I could have WTF plus a Vitamin D deficiency, without the two being related. I remembered that one, because Jif latched onto it as the outcome of the meeting, reminding me several times since then, “You have both ticks and fleas.” He’s sensitive like that.

So, I have no diagnosis and no treatment, and feel pretty crappy, over all. But I do have an allegedly bright doctor who was once an ALF researcher, telling me that he doesn’t think I have it now. So that is good. Very good, really. Next, I have lots more blood tests, peeing in an orange jug, and the torture test next week. I’ll let you know when there’s news. Thank you so very much for your kindness and your prayers, and your sticking around for this yucky, boring medical stuff. When this is over, I promise I’ll stop posting medical stuff, and I’ll write moving, fascinating, hilarious posts . . . or maybe just go back to putting eyeglasses on my dog’s butt.


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