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Hi, all. I had to come on here and say how much it means to me that you stop by and email and snail mail, with your kind words, and that you continue to pray. I am thankful for each of you — those who have “always” been around, those whose names I’ve just learned, and those old friends who aren’t blogging now, but stopped in to say hello. I hug each of you in my heart. WTF has accelerated, in some ways. I do not know whether that’s good news or bad news. I have considerable pain, now. Some say that “ALF” doesn’t hurt. If that’s so, then I welcome the pain. Others say that it does hurt, as the muscles are dying. I don’t know. My arm and leg symptoms are symmetrical, too. Some say that ALF isn’t like that. If that’s so, then I’m thankful for the symmetry of my pain. I am using the arm strength I have to research, mostly. I’m thinking all the time, and have some leads, some things to check on. I laugh when I see this, now:

Because that’s me! My big head is always trying to figure this out, but my puny arms just won’t cooperate! I say, “I have a big head, and little arms . . . ” in my best dinosaur voice, much too much for my family’s comfort, but hey, a girl’s gotta have a little fun.

I so want to come on here with good news. No, great news. I see my New Rollogist, this Friday. I made the appointment when I was there back in January, and it was originally scheduled for this Tuesday. Then a couple of weeks ago, my Jewish New Rollogist’s secretary called and told me he’d made a mistake, and wasn’t going to see patients on Passover. So how about Friday instead? Uh . . . you mean Good Friday? Sure. I found that amusing. Maybe it will actually be a good Friday. I hope.


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