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On a recent Friday night, LG’s Junior Girl Scout Troop spent the night at our house. They “worked” on earning their “Looking Your Best” badges. This involved learning to take proper care of skin, hair, nails; healthy eating; and discovering what colors look best on them. As always seems to be the case when there are extra kids in the house, Biscuit thought it was all about him. He seems to believe that he is the guest of honor at any such gathering, and the girls do nothing to disabuse him of this notion.

He had his “colors done:”

colors 2

colors 1

He made the rounds of the sleeping bags on the family room floor, giving each of his guests a goodnight kiss:

saying goodnight

And in the morning, he assumed the position for a belly rub, one of the greatest pleasures in his furry little life:

tummy rub

I must admit, Biscuit was not the only one who felt like “one of the girls” that night and morning. I participated in all the fun, girly stuff, and I felt so honored that LG wanted to include me in the “hair wrapping.” This was new to me, but very exciting. My hair is shoulder-length. LG made one braid and wrapped it, in purple and green thread. When she was done, I felt SO cool; SO fresh; SO bouncy; SO 10-years-old . . . until the next morning. Oh, I still had my cool, fresh, bouncy young ‘do; but one of those MEAN GIRL Scouts smacked me back to middle-aged reality, as I was happily serving their breakfast:

“Cara, honey, don’t you want more fruit? You usually like a lot . . .”

“Mrs. Fairchild . . . I hate to have to tell you this, but YOUR ORANGES ARE NOT FIRM.”

*blink* *blink* Did she just . . .



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