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snowy night

Last Saturday night, we took LG out for her first ever “walk in the snow at night.” She thought this was incredibly cool, to go walking the sidewalks in the dark. There is a particular feel and flavor to the silence of a night-time snowfall. I don’t know how to say just how thrilled I was that she “got” it. She said later, “the best part was the sound, except there wasn’t any sound, but it sounded so cool.” Absolutely, baby.

our house in snow

While I strolled, contemplating high, holy thoughts (“the woods are lovely, dark and deep,” “silent snow, secret snow”), the less refined among us pelted me with snowballs. Paybacks will be forthcoming. The Light in the Window is our house as we returned.

paper snowflakes 2

I was the first one downstairs in the morning. This shot is through our back door, sliding glass door from the kitchen. All winter, we’ve had these wonderful paper snowflakes on it, courtesy of LG. I love this, looking through the paper snow to the real snow.

backyard snow 06

And then I opened the door . . .

playhouse snow

And looked around. BTW, these shots ARE all in color.

biscuit and snowman

Later, there was work to do. Snowman-making. Note his eyes. His eyes are made of dog treats!

sniffing the snowman

Which made Biscuit particularly appreciative of his beauty, and his scent . . .


Until finally, Biscuit’s passions overcame him, and he could resist no longer!

one-eyed snowman



There is no shortage of forensic evidence on the perp’s furry face. Guilty as charged with crimes against snomanity.

Hey! LG took all the snowman photos! Great work, baby girl.


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