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Grand Re-Opening!

Look at me! Look at me! I have looked around to see what most people do when they go from a standard blog template to something more spiffy. Most of you are very cool, very nonchalant about it. Not me. Look at me! Did you see Gumby waving? Wave to him! He’s Gumby, dammit!

All credit for all this good stuff goes to my Evil Uncle Dave. He’s not really my uncle, and as best I can tell, he’s not one bit evil (although if you’ve heard something, email me). In fact, I would call him Sweetheart Uncle Dave, but that would mess with his “street cred,” which I’m sure he’s worked very hard to establish, so we’ll just stick with Eviluncledave.

I’ve been thinking and wishing about a new look for a long time. Apparently some of you have been wishing the same for me. I told a handful of people what Dave was doing for me. And one of the people that I would have thought was one of my oldest and dearest blogfriends, emailed a reply that really surprised me. That bitch person, who shall remain nameless, sent the following:
” . . . well goodie goodie for Susie. Allz I knowz is, it’s about damn time!!! We’ve been looking at that same dowdy site you call a blog for far too long.” Well. You just never know how your alleged “friends” are going to react to your good fortune, now do you?

OK, I did get another email yesterday, from the same nameless person. That one said, “I’m so proud of you, this is going to be like…like graduation, or the
prom, or your first time…” Well, let’s hope not. I’ve written about how I almost didn’t graduate, on accounta my being a criminal; and I’ve written about how my prom date was too “messed up” to even drive me home. So tune in tomorrow, when I will tell you the surprisingly anticlimactic (that is an EXCELLENT use of that word, if I do say so myself) story of My First Time. (Oh, just STOP it! You KNOW BETTER. That is not happening.)

If you are Evil Uncle Dave, I thank you from the bottom of my heart, and give you a big virtual hug. And everyone else, WELCOME, to the new and improved What Was I Thinking? Hugs to all of you, too 🙂


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