Archive for April 18th, 2005

Had a lovely weekend, visiting with friends on Saturday and taking Nana and Pop Pop (Jif’s parents) out for brunch after church on Sunday, to celebrate Nana’s birthday. A little housework, a little yardwork, a little too much blog surfing. One of my blog visits was especially enjoyable, because it yielded quite a surprise.

As I’ve mentioned briefly here, when I was in the middle of my freshman year in high school, my family moved from Delaware to North Carolina. It was a difficult move for me in many ways. One thing I always regretted about that move was that we somehow missed getting my school pictures from my old school, the one where I left the friends I’d known since first grade. While cruising around blogworld yesterday, I discovered that the (in)famous Nilbo knew of an international database for archived school photos. I checked the link he provided, and sure enough, there I was, along with friends I hadn’t seen since forever. To see if your alma mater participated in this project, click here.


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